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Feedback on the UIP seminar by Jürgen Müller from Rudolstadt: "I've been a few times on such a seminar before, but it is very important sowas be repeated forever. UIP was very informative and intense in emotions. The most important thing was that it checked again and again, its goals, written down and mixed with a date. It was submitted by Mike very well and it could be noted that he so loves, and even lives. "
Feedback on the UIP seminar by Oliver Golz from Weil in Dortmund: "At first I was a little unsure if it would bring me something, but I was taught otherwise. No book can bring one close in terms of needs and feelings, as Mike has hinbekommen in his seminar. It gave me a whole new outlook and above all, he showed that feelings can be incredibly powerful. It has helped me a lot. "
Feedback on the UIP seminar by Mandy Becker of Harsleben: "The first time I've been thinking about my life. Taking many memories home with you. I will process the information only once in the coming days in order to be able to implement it. "
Feedback UIP Seminar by Anja Holland from Osterode: "We really liked me. It was not necessarily new, what I heard. I feel confirmed me in what I already do. I will continue to pursue my goals. For you Mike, you're a casual, cool guy, I could listen well. "
Feedback from the UIP seminar by Andrea Beck St. Catherine: "It was a very intense and for me very informative seminar. It was great, thank you! I have for years felt the first time and feel what is important to me.I have another goal that I was not so clear before. I will recommend this seminar in any case continue today and look forward to the next time the long trip was worth it. "
Feedback on the UIE seminar by Heike guard from Ludwigsburg: "Today I realized, never let go of my dream that lies hidden deep in my heart. In the target programming to me that goal is just as true picture has turned up. It felt true to ... There are only problems if these unsolved problems on the "big problem" is. There is not the intractable problem that has become clear to me again! It is important to review the thoughts that I day think, to get closer and closer to my goal. "
Feedback on the UIP seminar by Karl Beck from Pfüne: "Making Positive thoughts about life, just as there is a future. Fears are pure thoughts! The seminar is recommended! "
Feedback UIP seminar Bianka Lange Obertopfstedt: "This was my 3rd UIP seminar and I'm like at the 1st Viewed thrilled. I think everyone should visit such a seminar to force peace learn contentment. Of course, to find his targets hidden in each of us. In our day and age, everyone should work on his own thinking in order to grow themselves. Thanks Mike! "
Feedback on the UIE seminar by Paul Fiedler of Erfurt: "The day was very interesssant, is helpful and can recommend them. Now it was shown me what I want. "
Feedback on the UIE seminar by Erika Seitz from Besigheim: "Hi Mike, I want to thank you, today I was quite clear what is the reason for my present problems. I thought that this plight in my life has no meaning. The day proved to me that it is not so. "
Feedback on the UIE seminar by Rolf bean from Berlin: "But the aim of the seminar was anchoring value. After several motivational books and tapes on this last visit, the first time live was for me and a full enrichment. I would recommend the seminar continued. Your natural and authentic way to make this seminar a memorable experience. I stuck in the middle of the process to change my life professionally and for me the invitation to the seminar can be absolutely perfect. Thanks and see you again. "
Feedback on the UIP seminar by Patrick Nolte from Sömmerda: "I looked deep into my soul, and can not imagine my dreams again. I now know I can do whatever I want and will have the power to solve problems in a simple manner. Mike Düring gives a power to seek and implement what you really want. I will also work in the future more in me. Thank you for this beautiful day and beautiful moments that I could do. "
Feedback on the UIP seminar by Harald Conrad and Manuela from Heichelheim: "It was very well liked, at the end of the seminar we said that we have no real problems and it only depends on the perspective. We will stick to the tips and take off from now full. We would participate again at any time in such a seminar. "
Feedback on the UIP seminar by Peter Sand of Erfurt: "For me there was an interesting expansion of consciousness, do so more thought to what someone really wants to achieve. Where someone wants to get there, or what we want to achieve in what time and cause of his actions. The most important thing for me was that you always have a positive thinking should define its objectives and should rely on the good in people, and the key sentences: What have others like that, it gives me? What is my purpose and mission in life? "
Feedback on the UIE seminar by Nicole Baumann Hennigsdorf: "Good, crisp repetition of theses Anthony Robbins! I have now again a hopeful glimpse into the future. The seminar should have been through times and every person. I feel inner satisfaction that I have taken the time to think about me and my future once again intense. The broken barrel is still a good metaphor to overcome fears in life. I've done it again! "
Feedback on the UIE seminar by Monika Bitzinger from Vienna: "I can overcome all my fears when I want it! I would like to attend the seminar, even with my friend! I want to change a few things in my life. I've learned a lot about the human needs. The pieces run was super, I wanted to run again! Thank you "
Feedback UIP seminar Aziz helmet Schmid from Blankenhain: "It was incredibly emotional. I have worked ever in my life so much with myself, like today. I have the CD `s Mike Düring heard and was impressed, but today was madness. This can only recommend! I know that my motivation has come to an end. Thank you Mike! "
Feedback on the UIE Seminar by Eva Maria Schulz of Erfurt: "Thank you, that I could be here today. For me it was a new experience for personal development. Since I already feel my vision, smell and can already see and grab, you have me again the depth and strength in me. New for me was the collaboration in your seminar, new and positive. "
Feedback on the UIE seminar by Meike Abraham of Erfurt: "The day I again opened my eyes and ears. It was important for me to confront me with my goals and they enshrine. The visualization was an indescribable feeling. I go and strengthened with power to go home. Thank you "
Feedback on the UIE seminar by Manuela bean from Berlin: "I'll call in the next three days, several companies for my unfinished project. It was an absolute class seminar and I would definitely recommend it to fall further.
Your personal experiences and experiences were very moving and gave me courage that I believe in myself. I look forward to the next event! I wish you every success. "
Feedback on the UIE seminar Marcel Hoeppler of Erfurt: "Today I learned a lot about emotions and which one can achieve anything if you have a goal in mind. The best pieces of me running like and how it feels when) his dream (goal truly achieved. The day was very moving for me today and I am very happy to come along. I can not wait the next time to be there, because I learned something today: "The reason why I am here and what I really want."
Feedback on the UIP seminar by Ivonne Kutal of Erfurt: "We know each other now for so long, my dear friend ... I obviously have a lot ever heard ... not from your mouth - not with your energy! WOW! I am amazed, surprised and I am glad that you have found your calling. Everything happens as it happens, why, and also the time - everything has its destiny. "
Feedback on the UIP seminar by Jörg Witte from Jena: "Thank you. I just got new thoughts for me on "fear and love received." It has been worthwhile to come here. "
Feedback UIP Seminar by Andreas Hess from Elxleben: "For me, the most important self-knowledge and self-imposed limits on the Glaubensätzen in life, was held up while the mirror of my soul, we could clearly see that the faults in ourselves and we are also repair itself but these errors and the avoid future. The focus on the essentials in life, through the mediation of insight into the meaninglessness of most anxiety was an important realization. Fears are largely manifest only in the mind of the person and usually not real or unfounded, culminating for me in the final fragments of the barrel. "
Feedback on the UIP seminar Jürgen Fenrich from Rudolstadt: "The seminar was simple, easy and understandable. I have almost everything you ever heard, but today some processes have come to me in motion. I have gained much. I achieve everything I have in mind. All my fears are unfounded for the most part. Although it has cost me a great effort, I ran through the pieces. Mike has not read anything but what he says he lives. "
Feedback on the UIP seminar by Gudrun Beck from Pfüne: "I liked the day very much. I will recommend this seminar to all cases. I am totally motivated and am looking forward to my new mental work! "
Feedback on the UIP seminar by Juliane Otto of Weimar "I have today become aware of how easily we humans work and it is not difficult to really believe his goal. I have taken much note. I am very excited about the next two parts are still coming! It was a pleasant seminar with much joy ... I thank you! :-) "
Feedback on the UIE Seminar by Ulrich Samper from Blankenhain: "The message that I know for years, is once again arrived. Tony Robbins took part in 2001 in Frankfurt, so I was the most well known and has been revived today by Mike well again. Thank you "
Feedback on the UIE seminar Hartmut Glaue from Hanau: "Why are people so as they are? The day has greatly contributed to understand what makes other people's actions and their behavior. I liked it very much. The seminar was a huge amount of self-discovery - what goals I have and above all, how can I reach them. The setting of the concrete steps towards achieving the goals was very profound. An analysis of what prevents me to the realization of my dreams was crucial. "
Feedback on the UIP seminar by Hans Meyer in Erfurt: "It was a wonderful seminar! My life has been from "completely changed today"! My thoughts determine my life. I determine my goals down! (Short-and long-term goals) I will work specifically for it. It is important to read daily goals, so that you become a habit. Daily implement. It was a great day. "
Feedback on the UIE seminar by Simone Felsberg from Großfahner: "I can deepen my knowledge and angelesenes have come together with people who have similar goals. You have expressed quiet but also power and taught. The day was intense and important for my personal growth. The audience was diverse. When the mind is free, he can flourish and create creativity. We limit ourselves Everybody has created (through his mind his own reality, and I mean). The most important are my goals. Thank you for your commitment! "
Feedback on the UIP seminar by Doreen Whitehead from Alkersleben: "I thought at the time of the seminar to several people that I would treat the seminar. It took me piecemeal very upset, because my deep buried emotions were brought out and I was reminded of my dreams. I can take many approaches to my life that I always need to refresh. I hear too little on my heart and my feelings, because I block me and I now see again. In this way I let people approached me, me and pull me away from my goals. I want to learn that I must rely on anybody, that I can rely on me. "
Feedback UIP seminar by Corina Kessler from Dresden: "I was very excited about the seminar, since I was 2 years ago when Tony Robbins - comparisons will always be yes, alas, but what I want to give you happy along the way, dear Mike: It was wonderful for my refresh my knowledge and especially your own way in front of an audience like me to speak very well - you look very authentic and unforced. Even though I was not at the end opted for the scrap barrel, I want you to know that I particularly enjoyed the entire seminar very much and I am grateful for this experience! I dream trips, like the end of the day very often performed, but none had ever been as intense as today - perhaps it lay with the fact that I have ventured for the first time in this dream! In any case, thank you and until next time - perhaps even with fragments run with me! :-) "
Feedback on the UIE seminar by Heiko Ortmann from Tabarz: "Today has given me a great deal for the establishment of my goals. I was the 2nd Time at the seminary, but was again found much of value, what gives me energy. Mike, you spoke really honestly again from your soul, it all comes across very naturally. Great deal has given me the goal programming, I was very touched by the movie I saw in my mind. The seminar is recommended for all, it is a must for anyone who wants to find and achieve his goals in life. "
Feedback on the UIE seminar Melanie Wulf from Brunswick: "The seminar has attracted much information, very powerful impressions, and many different feelings. The needs, which I feel are missing in my life I have become aware of. I understand some of the mistakes that could with my past will find complete peace, and begin a new life. I look forward. I realized what I am thankful in my life. I will maintain this positive attitude, implement and fulfill my dreams. "
Feedback on the UIE seminar by Kerstin Gilge of Erfurt: "The seminar has several situations in my life both positively and negatively," once again brought out the drawers in which I had got it locked, and by and by. Again today since I started thinking about my dreams and establishing new ones. The objectives I have set myself today have come to a realistic time frame. I know for me that the seminar was very motivating, I will visit it, but to achieve my goals and my wishes to present more often. "
Feedback UIP seminar Angelika Franke of Erfurt: "Since I was in a" crisis phase "stuck, I was awakened, not my big" problems are "so important to. Even if they are to me only yesterday appeared relatively insoluble, I see it again from a different perspective. I again felt like I was away from all the worries more and more of my great vision. Of particular interest was the difference between unsuccessful and successful people. The worksheets and the matching stapler was fantastic preparation. "
Feedback on the UIP seminar by Kerstin Koloctziy from Düsseldorf: "It was very interesting! You can achieve anything if you just want! Fears are just pipe dreams! It should deal more with it. I will examine closely to what my goals really are, since I am still currently undecided about it. "
Feedback UIP Seminar Fraaß Thomas from Erfurt: "It really has me once again made aware how important it is to really deal every day with his thoughts to control his thinking and acting every day. Only the daily written dealing with the goals and the steps that time, will lead to success. As the most important for me personally, I take with me to visualize my goal with the anchor was set. Only constant repetition will make it a habit. Thank you for loving to spend the possibility of this intensive day with you to be allowed, he will remain forever in my memory. Cordial greetings Thommy "
Feedback on the UIP seminar by Peter Beck from St. Catherine's: "I have my future in their hands and if I want, I can do it. The seminar has shaken me awake and arranged a new perspective.
For me this was very important and valuable! "
Feedback on the UIP seminar Hartmut Haase from Elxleben: "Mein 2 UIP seminar was again very useful! The goals have remained and are now being supported more concrete terms. From reaching my goals, I am sure! Problems are made for me and a challenge. I believe in love and goodness in people. My visualization is very strong. I'll Snap Step by Step "action then, thank you Mike"
Feedback UIP Seminar by Andreas Hess from Elxleben: "I have come today as a repeater for UIP-1-seminar that I attended on 24.01.2009 for the first time. I was so excited that I now once again participated. It was just as motivating as at the 1st Time I must say it was this time more instructive, than the first time since I at the 1 Taking notes and I had more time to concentrate less on listening. I could now more and listen more attentively. I'm going to the UIP-I seminar also join a third time, will be filtered out because this is also new impressions, insights, and not previously perceived facts. Also strengthens the constant repetition of course, the things he has already learned, so that you get it back before your eyes and feel better able to implement. Mach weiter so Mike! Help people help themselves! "
Feedback on the UIP seminar Ute Apel from Porstendorf / Jena: "Today's seminar has shown me what I've been living. Thank you. For me it was a confirmation that I'm on a good single-minded way. Everything was well prepared and methodical. It was not strenuous. I was strengthened in my thoughts and now I have more confidence and pride in myself Only I can change something in my life. I have learned that goals must be planned and actual dates and are to be fixed in writing. I shall be planned, that was the most important thing for me. Thank you! "
Feedback UIP seminar Bärbel Kühn from Herrnschwende: "I was very impressed, my legs have often trembled. I served sowas the first time and I think it has something inside me turned to concern myself with such concrete issues. "
Feedback on the UIE seminar by Hildegard Meyer of Erfurt: "A lot of knowledge, including new knowledge would rübergebracht emotionally. Knowledge of it: immediately set internal targets for moving. The most important thing today: Each target, regardless of size can be achieved, fears are only in our head, not real "
Feedback on the UIE seminar Dana Conrad from Heichelheim: "For me it was a great intelligence and knowledge! Now there is clarity on how to deal with problems, although they are not! I found it very exciting and fun! I will of course everything I have learned to take home and will also come again as a seminar! Liebe Grüße Dana PS: I'm only 14! "

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Jeder Stein, den Dir das Leben in den Weg legt, will Dir etwas sagen.



Wer kennt sie nicht diese ewig schallenden Motivationssprüche: „Erfolg heißt einmal mehr aufstehen, als hinfallen!“ , „Es ist keine Schande hinzufallen, aber es ist eine Schande liegenzubleiben!“, „Gib niemals auf!“ „Steh auf wenn Du am Boden liegst!“.

Ja!!! Du sollst wieder aufstehen, wenn Du hinfällst. Doch viele Menschen die hinfallen stehen wieder auf und rennen weiter durch das Leben, wie von einer Tarantel gestochen.


Dein Herz zieht gleiche Herzen an



Für mich ist es tatsächlich eines der faszinierendsten Gesetze des Lebens und des Universums.

Wir ziehen die Menschen in unserem Leben an, welche die gleiche Herzensfüllung in sich tragen und stoßen langfristig immer die Menschen wieder ab, die nicht mit unserer inneren Herzensfüllung in Resonanz sind.


Vergleichen ein sicherer Weg zum Unglücklichsein

Wir haben Alles. Wir leben in der westlichen Welt einer Zeit des größten Überflusses und trotzdem gibt es mehr Menschen denn je, die zu tiefst unglücklich sind und leiden. Die Zeitungen und Medien sind voll mit Berichten und Statistiken wie stark die Anzahl der Menschen angestiegen ist die selig leiden.

Eine einfache Wahrheit, warum viele Menschen unglücklich sind und sich selbst viel Leid erschaffen, ist das sie sich mit anderen Menschen vergleichen.


Sind Deine Ängste nicht der größte Lügner in Deinem Leben?

Für mich gibt es zwei Arten von Ängsten, die instinktive schützende Angst und die Angst die sich unser Verstand einbildet.

Die instinktive Angst ist die Angst, die uns in Gefahrensituation schützen soll. Es ist die dem Menschen gegebene natürliche Urangst die unser Leben erhalten soll. Wenn wir in Gefahrensituationen kommen, soll sie in unserem Körper Energien freisetzen, um uns selbst vor der Gefahr zu schützen.


Vergeben ein Schlüssel für das Himmelreich des Glücks

In unserem Leben trafen oder treffen wir auf Menschen die uns verärgern oder gar wütend machen. Es gibt Geschehnisse in unserem Leben, wo wir von anderen Menschen enttäuscht werden, weil sie sich nicht so verhalten wie wir es selbst als rechtens empfinden. Es können manchmal kleine Sätze sein aber auch mentale oder physische Gewalt.

Egal was auch immer in Deinem Leben geschehen ist oder geschieht, egal was auch immer Du an Kränkungen durch andere Menschen erfährst, für Glück und innerliches Wohlbefinden ist es unumgänglich zu vergeben.


Sei Du selbst und nicht das Spiegelbild der Meinung anderer über Dich!


Oft treffen wir im Leben auf Menschen die über uns urteilen, obwohl sie im Grunde genommen überhaupt gar nichts von uns wissen. Es gibt viele Menschen voller Vorurteile, die einfach etwas wahrnehmen und gefesselt durch ihr eigenes Weltbild mit diesen Wahrnehmungsfragmenten andere beurteilen, manchmal verurteilen. Wie oft treffen wir auf Menschen die uns eine bestimmte Rolle geben wollen, die uns sehr schnell in eine Schublade stecken wollen?

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